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Specialised customers

We work together with qualified joineries, carpenters, window manufacturers, roofers and companies from similar trades. Specialist companies registered with us are not subcontractors and work on their own account.


Professional specialist companies are companies that measure and install our products themselves or have them measured and installed by an expert specialist company for their own customers or customers referred by us in their regional area.

Professional specialist companies are displayed on our map "BLUE". Interested parties can contact the specialist company directly via our website.


Expert specialist companies also carry out regional measuring and installation for joineries, carpenters, roofers, window manufacturers, the roofing trade and private customers who do not want to or cannot measure and install themselves.

Expert specialist companies are displayed on our map "RED". Specialist and private customers can contact the specialist company directly via our website.

Professional or Expert

After creating a user account, you will be registered as a professional specialised company. If you would like us to manage your company as an expert specialised company, please send us an E-mail with the subject "Expert" and inform us of your desired change. The change will be made immediately.


1. What advantages does a collaboration offer me?
  • Specialist customers receive an annual bonus payment.
  • Additional 5% discount for SEPA direct debit. 
  • More sales through active marketing in your region.
  • Exclusive distribution of our premium inner linings.
  • Competitive advantage through products that no other manufacturer offers.
2. Are there any costs when I create a user account?
  • No, registration is free of charge.
3. Do I have any contractual obligations?
  • No, you are not contractually bound to our company.
4. Am I a subcontractor if I enter into a collaboration?
  • No, you work independently and on your own account.
5. Is there a price fixing?
  • No, you calculate freely and regionally according to your needs.
6. Is there a recommended price for the installation of roof window linings?
  • Yes, we can provide you with a recommended retail price on request.
7. Who does a specialised company bill for its services?
  • You invoice your client (professional or private customer) directly.
8. Is there an annual minimum purchase?
  • No, we do not require a minimum purchase.
9. How do customers become aware of my company?
  • Via our website and our social media channels.
  • We forward enquiries immediately to the nearest specialist company.
10. Will marketing for specialised companies be taken over?
  • Yes, we actively acquire customers in your regional area via our website, social media channels, YouTube, etc.
11. Can my company do its own regional marketing?
  • Yes, every specialist customer can acquire customers and specialist companies regionally.
  • Specialist customers can advertise our products and photos on their own website or social media channels.
  • Specialist customers may use our logos on their company website, which we make available for download in the customer login.
12. Does my company have to be able to install roof windows?
  • No, roof windows are usually installed by carpenters or roofers.
13. Do I have to go on the roof to fit the inner lining?
  • No, our products are installed inside the building, regardless of the weather.

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You will receive immediate access to our price lists and further information. After successful registration, your company will be displayed on our map as a professional specialised company for potential customers.

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