RAL Colour Lacquered

Discover the colourful world of colours

RAL colour coatings

All RAL colours uni lacquered. Lacquering with high-quality furniture lacquers.



Carrier material

E1 certified chipboard, 19 mm thick with priming foil coating.
The pre-coating achieves a closed and smooth surface, which exclusively enhances the appearance of the products.


Lacquer application

A triple lacquering guarantees an optimal surface, which is insensitive to dirt and easy to clean. All lacquered surfaces are suitable for damp rooms.


RAL Colours

More than 200 colours are possible. We lacquer your desired colour according to the RAL colour chart.


Corporate Identity

For commercial/industrial customers we offer linings for the administration and production area lacquered in the desired company colour!



Metallic effects

We lacquer the right surface colour for every requirement.


The most extraordinary inner linings are only available from us.


Black is beautiful

Not only rock fans like the colour black.

For modern and stylish homes, we also produce our linings in black satin lacquer.