Payment options

Payment options

Private customers

Germany | EU Member States | Third countries (Switzerland, etc.)


First order prepayment | bank transfer with 2% discount.
From follow-up order on invoice | bank transfer within 3 days with 2% discount or 14 days without discount.
Deliveries abroad can only be made against advance payment.



PayPal, we take over the fees. No discount is possible for payment via PayPal.


Commercial customers



Bank transfer | payment term 14 days, without discount.


SEPA Direct Debit | Bank Collection, within 3 days with 5% discount.

Commercial customers

EU Member States | Third Countries (Switzerland, United Kingdom etc.)

New customers | first orders

Prepayment | Bank transfer with 5% discount.

Professional companies | Expert companies

On account | Bank transfer within 3 days with 5% discount or optionally 14 days without discount.