Inner lining types

Individual versions

Each type can be produced in many different variants, always matching your object

[Translate to English:] Standard Innenfutter

Standard inner lining

The depth of the inner lining is the same all around, without any kinks at the top or bottom. Angles from 20 degrees (negative) to 160 degrees (positive) are possible.

Application in old and new buildings. Also suitable if there is no over-rafter insulation and the upper edge of the skylight is less than 200 cm above the floor (standing height).

[Translate to English:] Innenfutter mit Abseite

Inner lining with kink or window sill

Versions with a kink at the top or at the bottom, also possible with a window sill.

Type A and A-1 to A-10

[Translate to English:] Keilfutter

Inner lining with wedge

For designs with a stretcher frame or if the all-round lining depth on the longitudinal part of the inner lining deviates by more than 1.5 cm.

Wedge linings for Roto, Fakro, Heim&Haus and Braas are possible in all surfaces/wood types. The material thickness of all lining parts incl. cover frame is 19 mm.

Wedge linings for Velux are only possible in AquaPro PVC plastic white. The material thickness is 10 mm on both side parts and 19 mm on both cross parts and cover frame.

Type K

Inner lining with double kink

With a kink at the top and bottom, possible at any depth. Also with a window sill, many variations are possible.

Type D and D-1 to D-8

[Translate to English:] Keil-Abseitenfutter

Inner lining with wedge and kink

Designs like wedge inner lining additionally with a kink at the top or bottom or with a window sill. Many different variations are possible.

Type K-1 to K-10

and in wedge double side design

Type KD and KD-1 to KD-8

[Translate to English:] Innenfutter Zwillingskombination

Twin inner lining

Each single lining type is also available as a twin lining in different versions. Many different designs available.

Type Twin, DUO or ROOM

Kombinationen in verschiedenen Ausführungen


Versions with kink, wedge and window sills are possible. Many different designs available.                                                                          

Types: Cabrio, multiple linings and "3 IN 1" lighting solution