Real Wood Veneers

Real wood lining with a special look


Veneered real wood surfaces

For our products we use selected high-quality real wood veneer chipboards, veneered on both sides in quality class A.

We keep all types of wood in stock so that quick processing is always guaranteed. Other types of wood are possible on request.

The right type of wood for different living areas

Pine Wood | Beech Wood | Maple Wood | Ash Wood White | Oak | Golden Oak



6 different surfaces

We produce real wood lining in 6 different types of wood. This enables optimal adaptation to the existing building in the old building in particular to the existing wooden ceilings or the interior furnishings. The use of real wood lining is also particularly suitable where plasterboard cladding is not possible.




Perfect surfaces

All surfaces are suitable for damp rooms (no wet rooms) this means that real wood linings can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens. The lacquering is done with high-quality furniture lacquers.




Carrier material

High quality chipboard E1 certified

Material thickness 19 mm - grade A

Dimensionally stable no shrinkage and warping

The desired surface for all types of inner lining