Spruce Solid Wood

Ecological | Sustainable | Eco-friendly

ALPINO Solid Wood Inner Lining


The characteristics of a solid wood lining are characterized by a naturally grown grain pattern as well as smaller visible knots and a distinctive structure, which is retained even after painting.

For solid wood enthusiasts, this product line is an optimal addition to your usual lifestyle and combines functionality and design at the highest quality level.

ALPINO Spruce 3-layer solid wood lining

Material thickness 19 mm, quality class A. Dimensionally stable, little shrinkage and warpage.


Available in three surfaces:

  • Spruce spreadable
  • Spruce clear lacquered
  • Spruce white pigmented

All-round real wood edge on all visible edges


Visible edges on lining parts and cover frames are finished with real wood edges, the individual layers are not visible.


Surfaces according to customer requirements


For the spruce spreadable version, surface treatment by the customer is possible. Simply adapt the surface to your needs.



ALPINO Spruce spreadable linings are supplied pre-sanded and can be further treated as follows, for example:

  • lacquer / paint
  • glaze
  • oiling
  • staining
  • wood waxes (only use suitable waxes)

ALPINO Surfaces

Spreadable - Clear lacquered - White pigmented


Note: Knots are natural in solid spruce and remain visible even after surface treatment!