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Individual production of interior linings


Single lining and combinations






Send your inquiries directly to ralf.schlegel [at] schlegel-innenfutter.de

We will reply as soon as possible


Welcome to SCHLEGEL

The specialist for high-quality roof window lining with over 30 years of experience. Our products do not replace VELUX and ROTO linings, but complement them in form, design and different surfaces.


Over 90% of our products are made in designs and materials that VELUX and ROTO do not offer. This makes us a flexible supplier for the roofing industry and a reliable partner for private customers.



Dimensionally accurate roof window lining for do it yourself

Your orders are delivered ready for installation, all linings are pre-assembled by us. Window sills are prepared so that they can be installed directly on site.


Direct sales to specialist and private customers

Our products are not only made for professionals, they can also be assembled by laypersons themselves. Measurement documents and installation accessories can be found in the download and information area.


Delivery times

AquaPro lining approx. 10-15 days, Alpino solid wood lining as well as real wood and RAL lacquered lining approx. 12-18 days (depending on the quantity and design). Delivery times can change somewhat depending on the season.




Material thickness 19 mm

We only use materials with a material thickness of 19 mm, which guarantees the high quality and long life of our products.


Suitable for VELUX, ROTO, FAKRO and HEIM & HAUS

Our linings are rebated at the transition to the roof window groove and has a material thickness of 10 mm in this area. Therefore our products are suitable for all roof window types VELUX, ROTO, FAKRO and HEIM & HAUS


Variety of types and large selection of surfaces

Many different types and surface designs always guarantee a solution for your property. With us you will find the right product for your roof window.




Cover frames in 65, 80 and 100 mm width, without extra charge

Our cover frames are available for all types in 65, 80 and 100 mm width, without surcharge. Individual widths are possible up to 250 mm!


All cover frames are designed with 45 degrees on the frame corners. This ensures a stable and perfect corner connection in the long term.